Would you like to experience a Japanese snack bar that no one knows about yet?


I accompanied the tourists on a “snack tour,” which is attracting the attention of foreign visitors to Japan, and covered the foreigners enjoying the nighttime cultural experience and its potential for the future.

I once had a conversation with an overseas person at a restaurant I was traveling to using the translation function on my mobile phone.

It was very difficult, but we got along very well because we tried hard to understand each other.

I can’t speak English at all, but the translation function is very good now.
The odd conversation over the terminal is still a fond memory.

This article was created using the Translate feature.
I think there are some points that are difficult to understand, but I hope they can be conveyed as much as possible.

snack bar.
It seems to be a foreign snack bar, but in Japan it seems to be different in that the owner entertains customers.

I think many sightseeing spots in Kagoshima are introduced in guidebooks, but we think that experiencing the daily life of people in Kagoshima will be the best memory of our trip.

30 minutes by car from Kagoshima Airport.
Chizuru is on the edge of a small downtown area.

Most shops won’t let you see what’s going on inside, but I’d like you to open the door as if you were invited to a friend’s house.

There are cultural differences and manners unique to snacks, but it’s not difficult.

If you are considerate enough to have a good night together, you will be fine!

Chiduru is sometimes used by overseas business travelers, but even if they can’t communicate with each other, everyone seems to enjoy it very much.

We are very much looking forward to spending a memorable and enjoyable evening together across cultural and linguistic barriers.

Kirishima City has hot spring facilities that can be used by multiple individuals and families.
I think the luxurious large public bath will be a memory of your trip, but I’m sure you will like the ordinary Kagoshima.

Also, these picnics are something that you can never experience on a tour, and I think we can help you with this.

There are many delicious foods in Kagoshima, but lunch boxes eaten in nature are also great!

I think the number of days you can stay is limited, but I think it will stay in your heart forever as a wonderful memory to experience our daily life instead of visiting mainly sightseeing spots.

The snack bar is one of them.
It would be great if you could think of Chizuru as your second home not only by drinking and singing but also by interacting with customers around you.

In addition to this website, you can find information about the store on X (twitter).
Also, if you look at our daily timeline, you will be able to tell the atmosphere of the shop.

If you visit Kagoshima or Kirishima, we would like you to come.

We will be waiting for you in kimono.